Pole Sizes and Technical Information

Our poles are manufactured to wood pole equivalency Grade “B” construction. We manufacture pole is Class I – III from 30’ to 70’ and we also offer H Class poles in strength ratings from 1-3 from 30’ to 65’.

Class I – III Rated Distribution Poles

For your standard three-phase installation, riser poles, switch poles, dead end, angle, equipment, and wet-land poles, McWane Ductile Iron Poles have the solution for your needs. Our Class I – III/IV poles from 30’ to 70’ will accommodate your requirements while giving you the long life cycle advantage of ductile iron.

H Class Rated Distribution/Sub-Transmission Poles

For your heavier loads and requirements, consider our H Class pole from H Class 1 – 3. We offer sizes from 30’ to 65’. Our H poles will give you the peace of mind for the heavier and critical load poles whether they are for a 69kv line or replacing existing “H” Frame structures. These poles are often used in High wind zones, heavy double and triple circuit applications, and even some limited self-supporting uses.