Turn Your Scrap Metal Into Cash Now!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!! Two ways to start service:

Phone: 510.633.5252

Ted Ray: 510.387.4574 (cell)

Email: ted.ray@abifoundry.com

Jim Martin: 707.330.5197 (cell)

  • Founding Member, Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
  • NSF Certified
  • Made from 100 percent Postconsumer Scrap Iron
  • The Foundry of the Future Since 1906

1. We put a drop box at your location

The Recyclable Materials Department at AB&I Foundry offers an on-site, no-cost container and removal program for the efficient collection and transport of most forms of scrap metal.

2. We pick up the dropbox when it's full.

We provide custom dropboxes that, once full, will be picked up and transported to our foundry. The metal will then be sorted, and the iron will be transported to our scrapyard for use in our high-quality plumbing products and custom castings.

3. We weigh your scrap and send you a check.

AB&I Foundry is proud to serve the community with honesty and integrity. Your scrap material will be properly weighed, tagged (Certified Weight Tag) on our state certified scales and processed for prompt payment. It is that simple.